K N A A- INDUCTION (자원봉사 활동 필요한 지침)


  •  Prepare KNAA – Pt record & T/F forms
  •  Prepare medication, wound dressing & vital sign equipment

Things to do

  • Vital sign check
  • Fill up patient record form
  • Administer Nurse’s initiated medication as indicated
  • Attend the wound dressing as necessary
  • Call 000 as required (eg. Chest pain, asthma, trauma or etc)

When calling 000, provide information as following:

  1. A Telstra operator will ask you if you need Police,  Fire or Ambulance.                                                                          Say “Ambulance –  : Sydney city NSW”
  2. Present problem
  3. Conscious or unconscious – GCS
  4. Vital sign
  5. Location and contact number
  6. Ambulance will recheck the patient’s level of consciousness
  7.  Ambulance will confirm the location and contact number
  8. Fill up patient transfer form
  9. Inform NOK
  10. Stay with patient – any deteriorating – call 000 again to get advice while waiting.


  • Collect KNAA – Pt record & T/F forms
  • Collect leftover medication, wound dressing & vital sign equipments